"Self-Test" project



Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's order dated October 24, 2013-c, approved by the State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, five areas have been identified. As part of the strategic areas of education, creation of personality, human resources modernization, as well as the establishment of new systems for the assessment of learners, students in the development of talent and the establishment of mechanisms designed to detect.

For the first time in October 2014 Innovative Business Incubator was established in Azerbaijan State Economic University. The main mission of the project is to train young managers and entrepreneurs, students and youth to attract business. The main objective of the project is to support the establishment of startapcılara businesses and to contribute to the development of innovative economy.

"Self-Test" project - Azerbaijan State Economic University, the second year students of the Faculty of Computer Science and management start-up project.

The project's mission - to identify users and develop their intellectual potential.

The main components of the project

The first component - students, undergraduates and test test platform for listeners;

The second component - Users own the intellectual level (IQ) and his determination to improve the development and deployment of electronic resources;

The third component - users patriotism, national identity and the quality of the development and deployment of resources in an electronic form.

The first component of the Azerbaijan State Economic University, Azerbaijan, Russian and English language teaching in all subjects (more than 340) placed at the base of test and test platform has been developed and presented to users.

Test test platform advantages:

· Efficient tool to prepare for exams test users;

· The creation of personal office for each user;

· Providing on-line examination of the trial;

· At any time of the day, access to the Internet from anywhere in the system have the opportunity to test the exam;

· To support the portal of all modern platforms;

· The test results of the test questions on the test were analyzed to obtain detailed information;

· Users of psychological preparation for exams.